DRKRMS X Frank Nitty

DRKRMS is collaborating for the first time with new media artist Frank Nitty to examine the age of opulence in a one off project named 'øpulu$'. We live in time where excess is the norm, where society values quantity over quality and image over happiness. Frank is known for his eccentric animations and cerebral musings, often depicting vulgarities and uncouth themes of todays irreverent culture.

We see the photography acting as a starting point for Frank to work his own brand of originality and absurdity into the image, turning it into an animation and bringing it to life in a playful way. The foundations of this project are as ever derived from the image and the photographers behind them. The team are working with a total of 5 photographers from cities across the globe to take part in this collaboration, details of their original photographic series will be released alongside the work in the weeks to come. 

See more of Frank Nitty's work @franknitty3000

DRKRMS首次與新媒體藝術家Frank Nitty合作,正在以名為「øpulu$」的一次性項目審視着一個黃金時代。我們活在一個重量不重質、氾濫是主流、形象比快樂更緊要的年代。Frank以他詭異的動畫製作和巧思著稱,經常刻畫出今天這無分莊閒、不問尊卑的文化中,那些粗野和不文的主題。

我們以攝影為起點,讓Frank Nitty把他獨有的原創性和荒誕帶到影像中,將其轉成動畫,以好玩的方式呈現。今次這個計劃的基礎還是源於影像本身以及它們背後的攝影師。DRKRMS作為一群來自香港以至世界各地的攝影師,將第一次為一眾攝影師們打開我們的一扇門。

Frank Nitty x Callaghan Walsh

Frank Nitty x Inga Beckmann